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21st Century Education: The Technology Solutions you need to Secure Digital Education

This month, GovDataDownload is focusing on education and how today’s digital educational environment has upended the way our children learn and how schools must prepare to teach our children. From ...

Peer Learning: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Advice from State CIOs

If you did a quick survey around your office on the question of what level of government is responsible for recovery after a disaster, it’s highly likely that the majority ...

10 Things You Can Do Today To Be Ready if Disaster Strikes

Douglas Ross, District Manager, Government & Education Sales, NetApp It seems like a week doesn’t go by without news of a catastrophic storm somewhere in the U.S. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods…severe ...

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2014 Federal IT Trends: How Do We Stack Up So Far?

  It’s nearly impossible to believe that it’s the end of August, the summer is done, kids will be back in school soon, if they’re not already, and the year is more than half gone.  This means that more than six months have passed since we put down our thoughts about what the year ahead […]

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Conquering Fears: Backup and Recovery

As we mentioned in the last post on GovDataDownload, this month we’ll be focusing on the topics of disaster recovery and data restoration. Today’s post, originally published on NetApp Government Gurus, touches on an aspect of data recovery that’s maybe not always voiced by IT administrators but certainly something most can relate to: fear. If […]

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Why Data Recovery and Business Continuity Should be a Snap

  Before the dog-day cicadas have even begun to chirp in earnest, savvy IT teams across the public sector are hunkering down to assess if they have their systems prepared for the coming months. From wild weather – did you know that the Atlantic hurricane season doesn’t peak until September? – to the anniversary of […]

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That DAVE Is Really Getting Things Done!

Robert Williams, Law Enforcement Programs, NetApp Public Sector It used to be, if someone in Washington said they really loved DAVE, you’d think they were talking about the hit 1993 movie starring Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver. You can’t live or work in the Washington area and not like that movie. But if you’re talking […]

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