How Does the Cloud Cut Costs for K-12 School Districts? Practical Advice from IlliniCloud

*+-Whenever the subject of moving services and data to the cloud is discussed, the first thing that frequently gets mentioned as a benefit is how much money it can save ...

Bolstering the Health of IT Systems: Brooklyn Hospital Gives IT a New Lease on Life

*+-Not a day goes by without healthcare IT being in the news; it’s one of the most rapid areas of technological innovation in the country. As doctors look to improve ...

HIMSS 2015: Reliable, Secure Data is Critical to the Continuum of Good Patient Care

*+-In today’s healthcare environment, data is essential to the business of caring for the patient. In fact, over the last several years, the capture and storage of data in the ...

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Better Backup in the Cloud? On-Demand Webinar Offers Practical Advice for Public Sector Organizations

+-*Touted as a panacea for many data management tasks, it seems that the cloud can do no wrong. From reducing storage costs to enhancing data value, cloud solutions hold many possibilities for public sector organizations. One area that’s often overlooked is the value of using the cloud for data backup and recovery. A sensitive area […]

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HIMSS 2015: Is Your Healthcare Organization Data Rich, but Information Poor?

+-*Healthcare organizations suffer from what I refer to as “DRIP,” which means they are Data Rich and Information Poor. Healthcare systems have been collecting data for a couple of decades now, but most of that data is not necessarily clinical data. In the past seven to 10 years, there has been an uptick in the […]

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Failure to Launch? New Infographic from NetApp and IronBow Explores Loss of Momentum in Fed Cloud Adoption

+-*  There is no shortage of opinion on the topic of transitioning government services to the cloud. Despite the cost savings and the potential for more efficient delivery of more services to citizens as well as numerous programs, like FedRAMP, designed to streamline the process, federal CIOs still seem to be struggling with transitioning both data […]

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Fighting Fire with Data: The California Natural Resources Agency Uses IT to Win the Fight Against Wildfires

+-*With parts of the U.S. already facing drought conditions before the summer even starts, state agencies responsible for managing public lands are looking for every possible resource to aid them in fighting wildfires. A recent article in CIO highlights ways in which state agencies, like the California Natural Resources Agency, are leveraging myriad data points […]

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