The Department of Homeland Security Leads the Way on Implementation of NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework

GovDataDownload is very pleased to share this background interview with the Department of Homeland Security. These answers were furnished by DHS staff in the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications. Recently ...

Balancing Cloud Options with Security and Budgets – Considerations for Government Agencies

In a recent discussion with Greg Gardner, NetApp’s chief architect for government, defense, and Intel solutions for the U.S. Public Sector, we discussed the cloud, cyber security, and storage-related challenges ...

NetApp’s Mark Weber Nominated as an Industry Leader by StateScoop

Government IT leaders at the local, state, and federal levels are looking for the best ways to serve constituents while keeping cost down. As technology booms and constituents demand instant ...

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All Hands on Deck for DHS Cybersecurity Push

If you work in IT for the Department of Homeland Security, the past couple of months have been pretty hectic. It has been full steam ahead on a number of important cybersecurity initiatives. Due to the evolving nature of cyber threats, funding for DHS cybersecurity has increased despite the budgetary climate. President Obama’s fiscal 2015 […]

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The Data Download Roundup

The United States government finds itself in a moment of transition when it comes to the amount of data it’s generating and how to store, protect, and leverage that information. In this month’s news roundup, you’ll learn about some new options in the cloud storage space, the DoD’s new undertakings, as well as why most […]

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The BYOT Revolution in Education: How the Early Adopters are Solving IT and Data Storage Challenges

BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) is a 40,000,000 pound freight training rolling into every K-12 across this country. Whether you are dealing with inline assessment mandates, BYOT as a budget stopgap or just want to offer the kids in your classes the latest and greatest, everyone is jumping on the BYOT train. According to a […]

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Futuristic Research Requires Futuristic Storage and Performance

Every organization hates operational downtime related to scheduled maintenance. Everything grinds to a halt and no work can get done. When you’re working with the world’s largest laser – over 100 times more powerful than any other – that level of performance just won’t do. That was the situation facing the staff at the National […]

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