What a difference a few years can make! Not so long ago, cloud computing had a reputation as being mysterious and complicated, a really big step that had to be approached carefully. Today, moving to the cloud to solve data storage needs should be considered “low lying fruit” for local governments.

According to a recent article in StateTech magazine based on a survey conducted by cloud storage provider, Twin Strata, 46 percent of local government organizations are using some type of cloud storage today, while the acceleration of data generated is increasing by 40 to 60 percent. For the 64 percent of local government agencies not using cloud storage, they are creating an unsustainable situation where the volume of data they need to store will outstrip the capacity of traditional storage solutions.  Moreover, when you consider that most local governments are still working on reduced budgets, it makes even more sense to leverage cloud storage solutions.

Moving to the cloud is highly scalable, meaning government agencies can access only as much as they need and expanding only as the volume of data needing to be stored grows. Also, many times the cloud allows agencies to shift their IT investment from Capex to Opex dollars, which can be critical for local governments.

The article included an infographic illustrating the latest trends in cloud storage, shown below. If you have a move to the cloud story, GovDataDownload would love to hear about it.