This month, GovDataDownload is focusing on education and how today’s digital educational environment has upended the way our children learn and how schools must prepare to teach our children. From digital textbooks and online learning to virtual desktops and mobile devices, today’s schools – K12 through higher education – are faced with more than ensuring their teaching staffs are highly competent.

Districts must also ensure they have the technological infrastructure to support what is expected from students, teachers, and administrators to learn, teach, and run the school district. We will explore ways that schools can gain use unified storage solutions to manage data growth, and comply with mandates, such as Common Core and HIPAA regulations, while gaining cost savings. We also will learn how schools can gain more class time through faster desktop and workstation boot times, as well as conserve data storage space. Over the course of the month, we will feature content that explores these issues, as well as how a school can:

  • secure student and research data with built-in encryption, authentication, access control, and logging capabilities;
  • utilize technology to maintain high performance and greater than 99.999% availability, which will be imperative when Common Core goes into effect in 2015;
  • achieve efficient data management without additional headcount; and
  • back up data in minutes and recover in seconds.

Our next post is a visit with NetApp’s Patrick Loughlin, who will share insights into the technologies that schools should embrace to ensure that America’s youth are learning the skills they need to thrive in a global marketplace and how schools can manage those technologies. Visit GovDataDownload often this month to learn more about solutions for school districts.