To start off 2015 right, GovDataDownload is kicking off the year with a focus on IT Health.

We have exciting articles coming your way with a featured piece on TED, the bus that brings telehealth to patients, as well as taking a deep dive into how government agencies are leveraging IT to bring better healthcare outcomes to Americans as well as the international community.

The place to start for IT Health in the new year is to check the health of your own IT systems and any challenges that they present to your organization being able to meet its mission in a cost-effective and resource-efficient manner. Recently, NetApp’s Kirk Kern shared with Federal Times readers his thoughts about the things that pose obstacles to federal agencies leveraging the productivity and financial benefits of cloud services.

In the article, Kern discusses the slow moving progress in government cloud adoption despite evidence to the contrary that federal government users want to double their cloud adoption, even though they are still largely apprehensive to take-on full or even hybrid cloud adoption.  In Kern’s opinion there are four obstacles to cloud adoption.

Kern says for many the first obstacle is a lack of clarity on a cloud migration path and requires “five key migration phases,” such as assessing existing systems, determining a methodology for migration, and choosing the cloud service provider best for your agency.

In addition to clarity, Kern considers data stewardship and governance, information security and risk management other potential obstacles in cloud adoption for government IT.

Kern ends the article saying; “While technology advances will improve cloud services offerings, a strong risk management framework that outlines the risks, tolerance profile and incident response for data security leads to successful cloud adoption.”

To read Kirk’s full article outlining the four obstacles to federal cloud adoption, click here