Rachel DinesPublic sector organizations are investing heavily in the cloud – whether it is public, private, or hybrid solutions – in order to deliver services more efficiently. To free up employee time, save money and increase efficiencies, organizations are moving to the cloud for backup and recovery of data, according to Rachel Dines, senior product marketing manager for NetApp.

Dines spoke with GovDataDownload about the things organizations must keep in mind when considering cloud solutions for backup and recovery of data. She noted that all organizations, regardless of size or type, should have a backup and recovery strategy in place. Constituents and customers are becoming intolerant of lost data, and public sector organizations are legally obligated to be able to recover data. Backup and recovery is, therefore, a logical first step for agencies and organizations to leverage the benefits of the cloud. For those that are more mature in the cloud arena, disaster recovery is the next step.  Disaster recovery can be used without spending a great deal of budget to elastically expand on demand access to data and other services.

However, Dines pointed out that security concerns are the number one barrier to organizations moving completely to the cloud. She suggests they look for a solutions provider that offers end-to-end encryption when the data is at rest onsite, in flight, and in cloud.  Solutions providers must be FIPS 140-2 compliant, as well.

In addition to security and risk reduction, Dines says that public sector organizations should look for cloud providers that offer openness and flexibility with solutions that will not only work with the architecture they currently have, but will work with different cloud solutions they may use in the future. Since public sector IT organizations run very lean, another top priority would be to find a provider that offers greater efficiencies and shared that NetApp’s solutions can help customers accelerate data protection by reducing data volumes by up to 90 percent.

Listen to our interview with Dines about data backup and recovery for the public sector here.