What can the public sector learn from their commercial counterparts?
While GovDataDownload is generally interested in the data storage issues facing public sector organizations from federal and state government agencies to university medical research facilities to K-12 school districts, they all share the common tribulations that plague complex organizations:

  • Trying to do more with less;
  • Delivering on their missions without interruption;
  • Facing scalability, information privacy and security issues;
  • Needing to meet regulatory requirements.

These elements can affect the overall functionality of an organization, and the public sector can learn from leading organizations around the world as they look to tackle these challenges.

Recently, three enterprises— Orange, Symantec, and Blackline—all took the time to extol the benefits of NetApp’s hybrid cloud solution. And, far from talking in broad terms about benefits, these customer advocates delved into the details and metrics of how their organization was able to complete essential business operations because of NetApp’s industry-leading hybrid cloud and data fabric solutions.

Blackline and Symantec
One story is how Blackline’s partnership with NetApp enabled them to sustain growth rates of 50 percent per annum year on year. But, that’s not the entire Blackline-NetApp shared story. There are other similarly striking indicators of success, such as how NetApp’s hybrid cloud solution saved Symantec engineers over 37,000 weeks of build time by moving to the cloud, condensed 40,000 square feet of data center into just 6 rows of machines, and took the time to service deployment for customers from weeks to just minutes.

You realize that there’s something revolutionary happening; the companies that chose a trusted partner to develop their data fabric gain a competitive advantage by freeing up human, financial, and physical resources to meet their customers’ needs and their business mission. Now, that’s a great success story!

But don’t take our word, check out the video case study library for all three of these customer success stories here…

Or, if you have just a few minutes right now, you can watch this video from Blackline and how co-location helped their organization meet customer needs for fast data processing of financial services transactions while meeting their internal requirements for maintaining security and control of their data.


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