The cloud –whether public, private, or hybrid—brings with it many advantages for government agencies seeking to reduce their capital and operating expenses. With advantages like instant infrastructure and economic flexibility, the allure to the cloud is there for agencies seeking agility while still operating within already strapped budgets.

Given these advantages to cloud adoption, it is no surprise that cloud and hybrid cloud options have become a fundamental trend in IT. Yet, while the cloud offers great benefits, there’s always room for improvement. Along those lines, cloud presents notable challenges in data security, management, migration, and ultimately end-user control.

DataFabric_WebThese potential drawbacks leave many would-be end-users wondering if cloud adoption is right for them.
To combat these issues NetApp created a data fabric that can consolidate all data management components. Whether the existing system is spinning disc, flash array, cloud or any combination thereof, with data fabric a seamless management and storage option is possible. By weaving together all of your data storage components- that otherwise would have previously been isolated data silos- a flexible and cost effective seamless data management system is put in place. This allows for all of the advantages of cloud with few of the drawbacks.

Not only does a data fabric enable seamless data management, but it also allows for a smooth transition to the cloud. And, it solves the perpetual problem of losing control over one’s data by unknowingly dumping it into an isolated and incompatible data silo. With a NetApp Data Fabric solution-like ONTAP 8.3- in place, agencies can maintain control over their data and also gain a better understanding of that data and the best ways to store and maintain it. Ultimately, incorporating a data fabric creates choice and control for the end user.

Consider the following analogy- when a consumer goes to the bank, they own the money they’ve deposited. They control it, and they can do with it what they will. But, to industry if one’s data is on their cloud, they consider it their data. However, with a data fabric solution similar to one of NetApp’s ONTAP options, end users have control of their data just as they would their money in the bank.

At a recent NetApp Data Fabric Seminar, Jon Kissane- Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer at NetApp- shared that what a data fabric really does for the end user is allows them to “embrace the hybrid cloud on their (your) terms.” Given the sensitivity of some agency data, maintaining control is paramount.

To elaborate, Jon ended his talk by explaining that data fabric empowers the people and enables them control, understanding and autonomy over their data- just like money in the bank.

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