As the benefits of seamless data management and a resulting Data Fabric become more evident, the specific benefits to the healthcare industry are critical to maintaining a higher level of quality in patient care. With continuous Health IT data management, physicians and their support personnel can save vital moments throughout the day’s appointments and can, in effect, improve upon overall patient care as a result.

Recently, Jeff Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, Americas, NetApp, participated in the Federal Executive Forum on Health IT In Government where he, along with other distinguished panelists, discussed recent advancements in Health IT as well as recent success stories.

Jeff shared that “NetApp’s focus really is on data management and getting data to move seamlessly and securely.” Given the amount of sensitive material contained within personal health records, security is top of mind for healthcare practitioners.

When discussing success stories in recent Health IT programs, Jeff shared that the Office of Veterans Affairs (VA), has seen great success with NetApp’s “data center in a box” solutions. Jeff revealed that these solutions, with scalable cloud options like NetApp’s Data ONTAP® 8.3, “simplify operations and get us out of the habit of having to set everything up…really let[ting] us focus more so on higher level analytics.”

With budget and access as concerns, the true benefit of scalable cloud options is the ability to customize the breadth of the data center, making the hospital and encompassing agency more efficient and able to fulfill on agency mission while simultaneously offering a better, more efficient patient experience.

Congruently, Jeff shared that a primary focus for NetApp is the ability to offer solutions to healthcare professionals that “standardize and consolidate” in an effort to streamline the processes and offer more security while maintaining sensitive patient data. In the end, Jeff determined that a focus on Data Fabric with accessibility from all end points was a move in the right direction.

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