At this point in the year it’s only natural to take a look back at what has passed and a look forward at what we think might be on the horizon in 2016. I think the New Year is a great opportunity to talk about what we see coming down the pike for the industries in which we work, for the technologies that fuel our abilities to meet our missions, and for what we expect from our vendors.

To this end, GovDataDownload will be publishing a series of future-casts and predictions for public sector organizations – from K-12 schools to the Department of Defense – during the first few weeks of 2016. These interviews will tap into the knowledge of technologists and subject matter experts to discern what major trends and issues CIOs, CTOs, and others engaged in IT acquisition and deployment should keep top of mind as they head into a new year, a new quarter, and new budget cycles.

From what I’ve learned so far from these interviews, there are a lot of interesting developments that will improve the capabilities of IT teams to support their agencies, school districts, and cities and counties in meeting their missions. I hope that after you ring in 2016 and get settled back at work, you’ll spend some time with us hearing what our experts think will be the defining trends of this year and share some of your own with us on Twitter.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


This post was authored by Patrick Burns, Senior Director, America’s Marketing, at NetApp