With the current surge in e-learning on campus, many colleges and universities are finding that their networks are getting sluggish as they run out of data processing and storage capacity. As current capacity is exceeded the student learning experience is being compromised. IT administrators are under tremendous pressure to find solutions that will improve the learning experience without breaking the budget.

Western Oregon University (WOU) was one of those schools.

As an early adopter of classroom enhancing technologies, WOU Chief Information Officer Bill Kernan shared “when it comes to technology, leading universities must deliver unsurpassed learning capabilities, such as engaging video lectures and online courses that extend beyond the classroom…For IT, that means we constantly strive to raise the bar to meet technology requirements.”

In an effort to combat lagging network performance, WOU moved its high-input/output applications and databases to a NetApp EF-Series flash array.

With its new Flash Array Solution, WOU can:

• Handle 10 times the number of concurrent users of its media-rich applications, in 95% less processing time, to deliver the superb user experience that helps the university remain competitive.

• Run business intelligence reports for its administrative staff in 20 seconds, instead of six hours, delivering insights in near real time into the state of its operations.

• Reduce back-up time from over an hour to just nine minutes – with no downtime – providing the assurance for students and staff that their key content is safeguarded.

By employing flash storage, WOU now benefits from a faster, more reliable network. Kernan also shared that, “NetApp flash storage has allowed us to reach a capacity of more than 1,200 concurrent users while providing exceptional system performance campus-wide. People think of storage as being totally behind the scenes, but at WOU, it’s front and center in defining the user experience.”

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