Our children’s schools are very different from the ones that we attended, even just a few years ago.   While the brick and mortar buildings are still there, along with the basketball hoops, our schools now come with a vast IT infrastructure to support online learning, flipped learning, BYOD programs, learning  portals, and online standardized testing.  However, with an unrelenting need to teach mandatory skills to students growing up in a hyper-connected world, schools are under constant pressure to integrate technology and facilitate anytime, anywhere learning.  In order to keep up with this demand education IT leaders are turning to the cloud for its abilities to host technology solutions that can accommodate the technology needs of today’s educational environment.

For schools and districts that have yet to deploy a cloud-based IT infrastructure the choices can often seem overwhelming, not to mention costly.  For those institutions that have a cloud in place, ensuring that their strategy is optimized to achieve the best outcomes with lower administrative costs and with the highest levels of security to ensure student safety and privacy should be a top priority.

Fear not!  The Grants Office, in conjunction with NetApp, is offering a webinar for K-12 IT leaders to address these issues.  On Tuesday April, 26th, 2016 at 2pm EDT, industry experts will share strategies on how to structure and organize your cloud to achieve these outcomes, whether you’re just starting out, or looking to improve an existing cloud deployment.  And, because it’s no secret that investing in new technology, or upgrading existing infrastructure is expensive, the webinar will also lay out the best game plan to obtain federal funding from organizations like the Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Labor.

Interested in joining us?  You can register for the webinar here…