After several years of considering a move to the cloud, government agencies at the local, state, and federal level, are finally embracing its promise.  According to a recent research report conducted by NetApp, Avnet and MeriTalk, government cloud adoption is expected to nearly double over the next five years.  But with so many cloud offerings in the marketplace, how do agencies know what to procure to support not only their immediate needs, but evolve with them to meet their long term goals for data performance, data center optimization, and budget management?

Because there are multiple enterprise cloud offerings available and most agencies are the beginning of their cloud journey, there’s still a small leap of faith required when choosing a solution.  Most notably, there’s always a question about whether the initial solution will be able to keep pace with an agency’s rapidly evolving requirements as they manage and store more data and put data to work in new and innovative ways.

To help agencies navigate the different cloud models offered in today’s marketplace, NetApp, RedHat, and Presidio teamed up to bring together a panel of cloud and infrastructure experts for an in-depth discussion about different approaches to the cloud.  In particular, the panel shared their insights into how to develop a cloud model that’s tailored to your agency’s key requirements and will provide the agility needed to manage your data no matter where it resides.

The key technologies that unlock the potential of cloud computing are converged infrastructure, OpenStack technology, and the addition of a Data Fabric.  All three next-generation tools turbo charge the power of the cloud – from agility to cost management – as well as increasing reliability, improving data security and compliance, and speeding time to deployment.  A Data Fabric, for example enables the seamless, flexible and cost effective movement and management of data across platforms and between providers, reducing the possibility of your data becoming lost or siloed.   Meanwhile, a converged infrastructure enables IT teams to take numerous IT components and streamline them into an optimized, pre-validated solution.

Don’t take our word for it on this innovative technology; you can listen to the webinar here.  If your day is busy, you can download the cloud report from NetApp, Avnet and MeriTalk