kevin1Each month we take some time to get to know a member of the NetApp team.  We had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Flick, Manager, Western States District for State and Local Government to talk about data management, but also find out more about who he is.  As it turns out when he’s not helping state and local government and educational institutions build sophisticated data management environments he’s in the kitchen whipping up dishes worthy of one of today’s greatest chefs. Read on to learn more about Kevin’s passion for cooking and the cloud.

GovDataDownload (GDD): Kevin thanks for sitting down with us! Can you tell us about your role at NetApp?

Kevin Flick (KF): It’s a pleasure to be here! At NetApp I’m responsible for the Western States District – which covers 10 states from Washington to New Mexico, with the exception of California, Alaska, and Hawaii.  Within the geography, I’m responsible for the success of our clients in both state and local government and in K-12 and higher education.  It’s an exciting region to work in with both government agencies and educational institutions embracing change in their environments and using IT to meet these challenges.

GDD: Can you tell us about your experience prior to joining NetApp and how it prepared you for your career with NetApp?

Kevin Flick (KF): I’ve spent the last 26 years working in IT, both on the client side and on the vendor side within the same geography.  With each experience, whether it was my time at Boeing, or my time as an IT systems consultant, I’ve been able to build upon both my technical knowledge and my understanding of the region and the challenges specific to SLED organizations, as well as my personal relationship within the organizations I help.  It’s incredibly rewarding to have that opportunity to become a trusted advisor to our customers.

GDD: What do you find most rewarding about working with public sector customers, what’s one of your favorite success stories?

Kevin Flick (KF):  Without a doubt the greatest reward comes from helping our customers achieve a successful outcome.  I love seeing the relationship unfold – from the first time we meet to talk about the problem our customer is grappling with, to building a partnership to find a solution, to the successful execution of the initial engagement and beyond – it’s a genuine thrill to be part of the team.  While there are many success stories, one that means the most to me is from King County, Washington.  Like most, if not all governmental organizations, King County was encountering performance-based and financial challenges created by legacy systems.  Using NetApp’s AltaVault solution – which is enterprise-class data protection and storage in the cloud – King County was able to lower costs, boost efficiency, and ensure the integrity of its data.  While I’m thrilled for any organization that can use NetApp’s industry-leading solutions to achieve their mission, I live in King County and it’s particularly rewarding to help my local government and my community!

GDD: Can you tell us something about you that we can’t learn from your LinkedIn profile?

Kevin Flick (KF): I love to cook and have even cooked for Anthony Bourdain! I’ve had a life-long passion for cooking, in fact my culinary skills put me through college at the University of Alabama and the Western Washington University, and while kitchen work is really demanding, my love of cooking continued to grow – the more I did, the more I enjoyed it.  I’ve taken dozens of cooking classes from knife skills to how to make a Turducken and these classes led me to be part of an underground cooking and dining club in Seattle, which is where I met Chef Bourdain.  That night we cooked a 26 course dinner and it was amazing to be part of a team that was learning while we crafted courses and sharing our passion for really good food.


Kevin Flick with Anthony Bourdain after the epic 26 course dinner

Are you part of the IT community in Washington or another western state?  You can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn.