Threats to information security have been part of doing business for the last 20 years, but with more data being created every minute, new IOT technologies accessing that data increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies, citizens, and the media, and the rapid pace of threat development, the need to protect data has never been greater.  This is why NetApp and Varonis partnered to host a webinar to help customers understand data privacy laws and how to protect and recover from ransomware attacks.

The webinar was hosted by Sheila FitzPatrick, Data Privacy Counsel, and Chief Privacy Officer at NetApp, and David Gibson, VP of Strategy and Market Development at Varonis – a leader in protecting data from insider threats and ransomware. FitzPatrick shared her insight on how to keep data in the cloud protected from malicious actors and also ensure that corporate data privacy policies are inline with in-country regulations and global best practices in the wake of the Schrems Decision, Privacy Shield regulations, and now, Brexit.  One of the most important sections of FitzPatrick’s presentation was her adept codification of the difference between data privacy and data security and why organizations must ensure that they are meeting both elements.


Sheila FitzPatrick
Data Governance Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer NetApp


David Gibson
VP of Strategy and Market Development, Varonis

With these data security and data privacy parameters explained, David Gibson shared why they are so important in this day and age.  With ransomware-driven attacks on data on the rise, especially for healthcare organizations, law enforcement, and local governments, a strong understanding of how to apply data security best practices has never been more important.  Because ransomware and those who launch these attacks leverage insider access, taking the time to review data access policies and privileged user status should be a priority action for every CIO and their team.  Not only will it help in the prevention of ransomware attacks but it will also serve as a strong foundation to deter the next wave of insider-driven attacks.

Interested in hearing Shelia and David’s presentation?  You can access a recording of their presentation here.

No time to listen in?  You can download the presentation here.