For public sector IT, many would say 2016 was the year of the cloud. While cloud has undoubtedly dominated the news this year across the public sector, we shouldn’t forget about other success stories featured on GovDataDownload like how flash and big data and analytics have risen to the top of government IT spending, and also the importance cybersecurity throughout the public sector.

This year, we were able to celebrate success stories within public sector IT. We had the opportunity to interview NetApp SME’s like Chip George, Meghan Steele,  and Kyle Pribilksi who shared successes, challenges, and lessons learned within their respective roles. We also had the opportunity to hear from NetApp interns Tara Ulepic and Joe Weber who shared their differing stories about their internships and what they hope the experiences bring to their professional lives after graduation.

We also featured several stories about how NetApp gives back and are looking forward to showcasing what the USPS team has in store for next year as they continue their philanthropic efforts both in and outside of work. We also had the opportunity to work with Michael Paddock at the Grants Office who gave us advice and personal insights into the types of grants that are available to fund public sector technology, tips and secrets for applying, and getting ahead of the game with regards to grant funding.

As 2016 comes to a close, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy new year. We look forward to all that 2017 has to bring and to bringing you the latest news, trends, and challenges in public sector IT.