By now we’re sure you’ve heard about ransomware and the threat it poses to data security.  Most of the high-profile ransomware attacks have been targeted hospitals and healthcare organizations, but you might now know that state and local government organizations are increasingly under threat from these types of attack.

Recently, both the State of Indiana and the Washington D.C. police department (DCPD) have been victims of ransomware attacks.  While Indiana paid the $20,000 ransom, the DCPD opted to take the “infected devices offline and wipe them clean,” according an article on State Scoop.  Peter Liebert, CISO for the State of California, in commenting on these and other attacks noted that “good training and good backups are really the best thing that state and local governments can do right now to cope with the ransomware threat.”

But what if there was more that state and local governments could do to both detect attacks before they happen and to minimize the impact of an attack on data and systems if one is successfully executed?

NetApp has teamed up with Varonis to provide solutions that address the challenges of ransomware for public sector organizations.  In an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, March 28th at 2pm (EDT) Brian Vecci, Technical Evangelist at Varonis and Andre Middleton, Security Technical Engineer at NetApp, will guide attendees on ransomware mitigation strategies from identifying warning signs of an attack to discovering which files were compromised and finally provide recovery with no performance effect to your data storage.

Interested in learning more about how to manage the ransomware threat?  You can register for the webinar here.  Or tap into our other resources on ransomware here.