With an estimated 44 trillion gigabytes of data being created and copied by 2020, data consumption is growing at tremendous rates, and now more than ever, agencies must be prepared with the right data storage solutions in place. More agencies are moving to the cloud for increased performance and storage as they look at ways to manage data. The move to the cloud doesn’t happen overnight though, and agencies have been tasked with making a choice between a public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Between identifying which workloads will move, latency, and cost concerns, agencies must identify their own priorities and find balance as they decide which environment they will move to.

For customers who have decided the private cloud environment is right for them, NetApp is now offering a new consumption model as flexible as their data management solutions. ‘Pay as You Go’ – you’ve heard of it with paid services like utilities and telecommunications – is the idea behind the new payment model, called NetApp On Demand. The pay-per consumption model offers many benefits to the end user, especially those who have found themselves with the extra capacity going unused but paid for.

With this model, customers first go through a service design workshop, or a pre-sales consulting session, where NetApp system administrators visit the customer site and advise on implementation and service levels. NetApp uses a data-driven model that looks at performance and capacity together to identify, manage, and deliver the appropriate level of storage service. Through these service design workshops, NetApp has found that most agencies have very different levels of storage needs. That said, once the service level agreement has been decided on, the process is pretty seamless. While agencies are managing the cloud environment on-premise, NetApp monitors and reads the data usage on the backend and agencies are then invoiced based on terabytes of capacity used and latency.

The model is best-suited for those who have allocated operating expenses for cloud services and data consumption. These users benefit from avoiding the large upfront capital expenditures. Another benefit with NetApp On Demand is that preinstalled storage is available for immediate use to meet both planned and unplanned capacity requirements. With this model, agencies can scale up to augment the base amount of storage provided on day one with additional buffer capacity to handle usage spikes and future growth. There are no wasted resources, since users only pay for services procured. Currently, NetApp On Demand is only for FAS systems, which many agencies that run virtual servers (VSI’s) or desktop infrastructures (VDI) have moved to.  With NetApp On Demand, NetApp and its partners have taken on the risk and there is no commitment because you only pay for the storage you use.

Are you interested in learning more about the pay-per-consumption model offering at NetApp? You can learn more about NetApp On Demand here.

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