It’s undeniable that there is data explosion happening in the world right now.  As we share more information and complete more activities on line, the amount of data that organizations need to store and manage has lead to a massive expansion in the number of energy efficient data centers that are needed.  With each data center expansion there’s an increase in expenses to both purchase the land and facilities and to manage and run the equipment.

For many state and local governments and educational organizations, these capital and operational expenses related to data centers are happening at a time when budgets are increasingly tight, if not flat.  While newer equipment – such as virtualization tools and All Flash Arrays – are energy efficient using less power for the same capacity and require less physical space – but seem out of reach for many state and local government agencies.

Recently, we learned about a series of financial incentives from NYSERDA – the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority – to assist organizations in investing in energy efficiency projects.  With a clear mission to promote energy efficiency since 1975, NYSERDA offers millions of dollars in financial incentives for a variety of energy improvements for New York-based data centers.  The incentives are divided into two categories – the FlexTech Program and Industry and Process Efficiency (IPE) Program.  The FlexTech Program awards grants for fifty percent of energy-related engineering studies up to $250,000, while the IPE Program awards financial incentives of fifty percent of costs up to $1million for energy-saving IT projects for either new construction or investment in existing facilities.  And these opportunities are in addition to other rebates and discounts that are also available through NYSERDA to drive transformational programs.

Want to learn more about how to apply for grants and explore other financial incentives to boost energy efficiency and reduce CAPEX?  View the on-demand webinar hosted by The Grants Office to learn more about IT to support energy efficient data centers.  You can access the recorded webcast here.

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