What does it mean to be a data driven visionary? This is a broad, yet important question for the public sector as more and more agencies are experiencing discussions around data that are often described as “massive” or “overwhelming”. Public sector leaders today are under tremendous pressure to harness today’s wealth of data and apply it to create new value across the entire agency—all with limited time, skills, and budget. Data driven visionaries will have a leading role at all levels of the public sector as they transform their agencies and forge the new industries of tomorrow.

As Mark Bregman, CTO of NetApp says, “I think the CTO role is evolving to that of a ‘data visionary’. We’ll see that transition continuing probably for the next ten years. The key is that the people who are in the old model have to transition to become more and more focused on data and to ultimately be the data visionary for their company.” Agencies are recognizing that through the use of data, they can radically change the way they deliver on missioncritical activities.

If you think about data in new ways and ask questions that others don’t, you may be a data visionary. You may ask questions like “What else could we do with this data?” Customers have to think about their use of data in a new way and their data visionary has to be their trusted advisor to help guide them. Data is no longer living locked away behind devices, hidden behind firewalls. It’s distributed, dynamic, and diverse.

Check out this video to see how data can be unleashed to reach its full potential.