This week, NetApp marks 25 years in business – a major milestone no matter what the field of endeavor, but particularly impressive for a technology company that was founded during the dotcom revolution. What is also impressive is the number of NetApp team members who are celebrating their own major milestones with the company.

We needed to find out what has given NetApp such staying power to be a leader in the field of data management for the last quarter of century and what inspires such fierce loyalty from its employees.  To get these answers we asked a couple of the NetApp U.S. Public Sector (USPS) team members as they celebrated the 25th anniversary at the USPS headquarters in Vienna, Virginia.

Here’s what they had to say:

Who: Mark Bubb, Systems Engineer Director, NetApp U.S. Public Sector

Length of Service: 13 years

Why NetApp Then? Among people I know who work in the Federal IT space, word on the street was all about NetApp.  I wanted to be part of it – the culture, the technology, the focus on customer success.

Why NetApp Now? The people!  The best part of NetApp’s culture is that no matter what the role or title, they will go out of their way to help anyone and that applies whether it’s in our offices or our customers’.

Thoughts on 25 years? Think about it; 25 Years!!! Today, people are looking to gain instant gratification, always changing and looking for the next best thing.  NetApp has been the best thing for the last 25 years and will be the best thing for the next 25 years.

Who: Steve Grill, Senior Region Manager in Professional Services, NetApp U.S. Public Sector

Length of Service: 11 ½ years

Why NetApp Then? It had a startup mentality, with strong storage solutions and it needed to become Enterprise class, since NetApp was competing with the big boys.

Why NetApp Now? Because the company culture attracts lots of smart and highly motivated employees that also have a desire to have some fun doing the great work we do.   The agile work culture means we get things done!  All of these factors make for a great environment to work in.

Thoughts on 25 years? NetApp has been able to ethically accomplish great business results solving customer’sproblems in a highly competitive field, while also finding time to give back to the community.  It’s an easy company to be proud of!