What does freedom mean to you? The answer will vary greatly depending on who you ask. As Americans, we have the privilege of living in a free land that has served as a model of democracy for 241 years. But the freedoms we’ve been given have come at a cost. America is the home of the free and the brave because of the thousands upon thousands who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives so we can enjoy the opportunities that abound in this great nation.

On this Independence Day, please take a minute to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure American citizens have the privilege to live in a free nation. On the NetApp US Public Sector team, we’d like to give a special thanks to veterans Bernardo Guzman, Jason Hill, and Jamie D’Alessandro, who all shared their military experiences with us and stories about how they came to NetApp on GovDataDownload for Military Appreciation Month in May.

We thank them and all other members of the military for dedicating their lives to protecting our freedoms of liberty and justice for all. Happy 4th of July from NetApp and the GovDataDownload editorial team!