For the last seven years the NetApp and Cisco FlexPod® solution has been the workhorse for public sector organizations looking to optimize their performance with a converged infrastructure to manage compute, networking, and storage needs.

However, as public sector organizations embark on next-generation IT programs, move more data to the cloud, and look to become more agile to take advantage of operating models like DevOps, there was a need for FlexPod® to evolve as well.  Last month NetApp and Cisco announced the launch of FlexPod® SF.  FlexPod SF ignites the full potential of next-generation storage infrastructure, empowering IT and business users to quickly respond to the needs of the organization, and facilitating innovation across the organization.

Perhaps the greatest strength of FlexPod® SF is how it supports new workloads that demand scale-out flexibility, robust automation and guaranteed quality of service.  As public sector organizations invest in next-generation data centers, move more data to the cloud, and rely more on virtualization in order to manage costs and deliver services more quickly and reliably to citizens, a converged infrastructure like FlexPod SF that can scale to meet an exact amount of capacity and performance

FlexPod® gurus Melissa Palmer and Brett Siclair, sat down with the hosts of the Tech ONTAP Podcast, Justin Parisi, Andrew Sullivan, and Glenn Sizemore to talk about FlexPod® SF.  Their wide-ranging conversation highlighted the many strengths of the solution in particular, how it will enable organizations to drive innovation while they meet ever-increasing workloads in ever-more complex environments.

For Palmer and Siclair the value of the solution comes from the reduction in the level of effort that the FlexPod® SF solution brings.  As Melissa notes in the podcast, FlexPod® SF brings the simplicity of pre-validated solution that users are familiar with, but then supercharges the solution with scalability and flexibility.  Because FlexPod® SF can be scaled simply by adding one node to the pod at a time, this next-generation converged infrastructure essentially takes the unpredictability – and expense – out of storage and compute for public sector organizations.

Have we piqued your interest?  Why not listen to the podcast below to learn more.