What do you think of when you hear the term user conference?  More times than anyone would care to admit user conference is code for product pitch sessions and walking through exhibit halls.

But NetApp’s annual Insight conference defies the odds.  “It’s much more than a little education and a lot of upselling,” said Kirk Kern Chief Technology Officer for U.S. Public Sector at NetApp.  “Insight is not your typical industry event; where else can you get credits, update certifications, and make great connections with peers?”

In fact, there’s so much to accomplish at Insight that Kirk and the NetApp A-Team, share advisories on how to get the most out of Insight for weeks before the conference.  “I advise our customers to be ‘optimized for agility’ to take full advantage of all that’s on offer at Insight,” he quipped.  “While most of our customers can easily justify the trip to Las Vegas because of the return on investment, choosing exactly what to do to optimize the experience can take some planning,” he continued.

Not only is Insight an opportunity to reinforce what you already know about NetApp’s state of the art data management solutions, it’s an ideal time to extend your knowledge and add to your skill set and increase your ability to contribute to your team and the mission once you return.

So, interested in attending?  The first step is to get registered.  And then plan, plan, plan!  Here are Kirk’s top tips for getting the most out of this year’s Insight:

  1. Plan ahead. Register for about 75% of sessions ahead of time, but leave some room for unexpected opportunities and catching up with partners and peers.
  2. Use Google Maps to save important locations and meeting spots; there’s so much going on, you won’t want to get lost along the way.
  3. If you haven’t been able to register for a session, check-in with the team when you arrive. NetApp is flexible and sessions are often monitored and moved to different rooms to house more people. It doesn’t matter if you have to stand in the back of the room; it’s all about the information!
  4. Take an exam. Insight is a great time to get certified with unique prep courses available on-site and at least a couple of opportunities to take the test. Also, NetApp Certified Users get to participate in our Greet and Geek sessions!
  5. Keep up to date with Insight announcements by following the A-Team’s blog posts, or by following them on Twitter.

Want to find out more about Insight and the team behind the great educational and networking experience?  Watch these short videos with our data-driven visionaries.