This week on GovDataDownload, we had the opportunity to catch up with Miles Cox, Director of Services at Volta, Inc., a NetApp partner, service provider, and local reseller. After recently going through a major rebranding effort and becoming a qualified NetApp services provider, we decided to learn more from Miles about Volta’s partnership with NetApp and how they are providing customers with winning data management solutions. Continue reading for more.

GovDataDownload (GDD): Can you give us an overview of Volta and your role with the company?

Miles Cox (MC): Volta is an IT solutions provider headquartered out of Frankfort, Kentucky, with offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Reston, Virginia. Our business began twenty years ago selling to the education market in Kentucky. Over the past ten years, Volta has expanded our offerings to include many vendors and OEMs, providing solutions around enterprise level data center infrastructure and software to education, state and local government and commercial organizations. We’ve also increased our focus on delivering enterprise-level services and managed services offerings, either to complete an infrastructure solution package or as a stand-alone engagement. As Director of Services, I manage our project services and managed services teams, to include personnel, resource and project management. I also work closely with our sales and marketing teams to design new services offerings and go on pre-sales calls with new customers and opportunities.

GDD: We heard Volta recently went through a rebrand. Can you talk a little bit about that?

MC: Prior to August of 2017, Volta had previously been known as DMD Data Systems. DMD was built as a brand known and trusted by customers in the central Kentucky area.  However, as we expanded into new geographies and attempted to market to new customers, it became clear that DMD Data Systems was a name whose origins were hard to explain.  In 2016, DMD transitioned to a new president and majority owner who put a focus on rebranding efforts. We brought in outside consultants who worked with members of our team over many months to come up with our new name, brand, logo and overall aesthetic.  Our new Volta identity allows us to easily explain our name origin (after Alessandro Volta, early pioneer in technology, inventor of the battery) and to have a fresh new look to use for sales and marketing efforts.

GDD: Can you talk about Volta’s partnership with NetApp?

MC: NetApp was one of the first new partners we’ve had the opportunity to work with after selling almost exclusively to the education market.  For a business partner such as Volta, it has been great to work with a solutions provider with a dedicated focus on channel sales, providing partners with the resources to effectively market their products. The NetApp channel and field sales staff are in constant communication with their Volta team counterparts, and are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure Volta is providing an enterprise class solution that meets the needs of our customers. NetApp has partnered with Volta on multiple customer education and appreciation events, such as onsite training for a new NetApp product release or for regional customer user groups.

GDD: We heard you were recently qualified as a NetApp services provider. Can you speak to that? What was the process like and what does it mean to be a qualified partner?

MC: The process to become a NetApp service provider involved a series of formal education classes and a list of required certification tests to pass. Even though my services team was already adept at delivering NetApp solutions, we still had to put in many hours to make sure we were up to date on the latest NetApp features and product releases. By achieving all certifications through the combined efforts of multiple senior systems engineers, Volta demonstrated that our team is prepared and qualified to offer the same level of expertise that our customers would expect from an in-house NetApp professional services engineer, and our certification from NetApp proves that they trust us to deliver.

GDD: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

MC: The NetApp and Volta partnership offers our customers and prospects a winning combination of solution sellers who are interested in solving our customers IT problems through our extensive experience and customer service, and looking to the future, I’m excited to see how we can serve our customers even better.

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