For those who’ve never attended a NetApp Insight event, their first experience can be overwhelming with plenty of hands-on lab time, the opportunity to complete training and certifications, as well as conversations with key team members about their most pressing challenges. But for the majority of the 4,000 attendees who come to Insight year after year, they’re ready to get to work on the latest stage of their organization’s data-driven journey.

In addition to taking opportunities to learn about existing data management solutions, Insight 2017 also presented some major product announcements that will empower end users with data. With so much information both in the conference halls and at the speaker sessions, attendee’s might have missed more than one significant announcement. Thankfully, Justin Parisi, host of the Tech ONTAP podcast series caught up with members of the NetApp A-Team to hear which experiences and products stood out the most to them at Insight 2017.

Parisi heard from NetApp employees as well as customers like Michael Archuletta, Director of Information Technology Services at Mt. San Rafael Hospital – BridgeCare Health Network who said, “NetApp has been a great business partner to our organization and looking at the roadmap of what NetApp has done is very impressive. I’m really honored to be here and really honored to have them on board as well with us too.”

Today, NetApp is focused on empowering customers to change the world with data powered by digital transformation. In fact, 67% of CEOs in the Global 2000 are putting digital transformation at the center of their growth and profitability strategies. And data — as you’ve heard before – is the lifeblood needed to compete in this newly transformed world. To be able to fully embrace the power of data, NetApp’s A-Team advocated for its customers to embrace three transformative technologies:

• The Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid cloud offers flexibility, new services, and a nearly infinite range of compute and storage resources. NetApp bring those capabilities to customers, whether through providing native cloud interfaces on all-flash arrays, offering monthly subscription purchasing across the portfolio, or providing unique SaaS-based capabilities.

• The Next-Generation Data Center
NetApp’s next-generation data center portfolio is designed for companies that are building an orchestrated environment that enables consuming IT as a service. By targeting private clouds, modern applications, and DevOps environments NetApp is providing programmable infrastructures that are simple, deployed in minutes, and managed through open APIs. They can be partitioned by application and can load balance and scale automatically.

• Flash Storage
NetApp is helping customers accelerate applications with leading flash performance and application integrations, while leveraging the power of hybrid cloud capabilities to extend data centers.
Insight 2017 held true to its mission by empowering customers and partners with the knowledge they need to harness the hybrid cloud, build a next-generation data center, and modernize their storage environments through data management. Insight 2017 will be going international on November 13-16th in Berlin. You can register for that event here.

Want to hear more about Insight 2017? You can listen to the full recording of Parisi’s Tech OnTAP podcast here.