To our colleagues, customers, and all those who’ve served our country in the armed forces, we’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you for your service is a phrase that’s used often, but it should be more than something we say on Veterans Day. To really thank our Veterans for upholding the values of liberty and equality we need to make sure that we provide them with the support and opportunities that they need after they leave their military careers and re-enter civilian life.

At NetApp we have an unwavering commitment to our Veterans both inside our organization and with our customers and partners. NetApp has always maintained a strong commitment to Veterans and been fully on board to support the next phase of their mission. From training programs that help Veterans on the path to a rewarding career, to the volunteer work that our team members do with Veterans organizations, we’re in it as a team for the long haul.

In past years, and this year too, we have featured profiles of our team members who have served this country. You can find the most recent addition to this great collection here and read previous contributions here. In sharing these stories not only do we learn more about the people behind our technology, but also share the qualities we value and that drive us forward.

So, to all Veterans, thank you for your service, and to our colleagues at NetApp, thank you for being part of our company. Your service makes us stronger, and you bring qualities to our team that reflect the commitment to the mission in all of us.