As NetApp celebrates its 25th anniversary, it has seen its share of changes – from societal, political, and economic shifts – to technological innovations and the drive for digital transformation within both the public and private sectors. Today NetApp is helping its customers to leverage data to improve organizational performance and deliver on the mission like never before.

At a recent customer Executive Briefing Center (EBC) meeting, George Kurian, NetApp’s CEO, spoke about data becoming the most important asset to an organization – so much so that it has become the lifeblood of organizations around the world, in addition to “the currency that makes the customer experience better.”

Data is more critical than ever to public sector organizations. But it also presents numerous challenges as these organizations look to put it to work to meet the mission. Not only is there more data, but as there are more data collection points, there’s the potential for it to become fragmented and siloed.

That’s why data management must be real-time, and seamlessly integrated into a framework that helps customers unleash data to accelerate digital transformation to address their organizations’ imperatives. Organizations are harnessing the power of the cloud, building next gen data centers to simplify IT workloads, and modernizing storage through data management.

Public sector organizations are undergoing rapid transformation to create value by enabling new customer touchpoints and creating new opportunities for citizens and the mission by optimizing operations with data. From dialogue with constituents on social media to putting data sets to work to improve population health management and healthcare outcomes to help solve our most pressing community needs, including the opioid epidemic, there seems to be no end to how data can improve the lives of citizens and keep them safe.

Data is also being used to improve productivity and lower operating costs for businesses.

In addition to this compelling story, Kurian left attendees with a few final thoughts about NetApp’s transformation journey to become the leader it is today and some of the key lessons he’s learned along the way. Here are his four essential strategies to driving successful transformation:

  • Any transformation requires fundamental changes to be undertaken. Once the decision is made to go on this journey, you must be crystal clear about the change needed in order to get buy-in.
  • Transparency and honesty are critical because no one has a perfectly clear view of the end state.
  • Transformation doesn’t happen because you want it to, it happens because you have plans and a program in place along with a scorecard for measurement.
  • Your scorecard may be “in the red” many times, but that’s ok because you must have structured start and endpoints in order to take on the biggest, and most transformative, projects.


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