Each year, the NetApp U.S. Public Sector team comes together with their partners to discuss new and innovative ways they can put data to work for public sector customers.

This year’s summit was especially memorable as NetApp marks its 25th anniversary and celebrates the vital role that partners have played in helping public sector organizations thrive in a data-driven world.

Together, with its partners, NetApp has helped customers build next generation data centers, harness the power of hybrid cloud to accelerate the application of data, and modernize IT infrastructures in support of the mission. Because, as NetApp’s CISO, Phil Ferraro, emphasized in his talk and in an interview with GovDataDownload, “[t]he world’ most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.”

To this end, because data is so valuable, data security and integrity must be at the heart of all data-driven missions. At Partner Summit, Ferraro explained that the average cost of a data breach is $3.62 million. He also explained how NetApp bakes security into all their data management solutions as well as creates solutions that can help public sector organizations prevent some of the most serious data security threats including ransomware.

NetApp co-founder, Dave Hitz, took to the stage to remind the team that while data needs to be secure, its value comes when it is put to work. Data needs to be able to move seamlessly between different storage and compute environments and applied to mission-critical challenges. Those organizations that can move data easily and inexpensively between private clouds and public clouds using a solution like NetApp Data Fabric will have a strategic advantage.

Whether data is stored on-premise at a federal agency or in the cloud to be accessed by citizen developers to fuel an open data project, it has become clear that data is the lifeblood of organizations and a critical component to mission success. And, with the Modernizing Government Technology Act (MGT Act) set to create a new funding source for federal agencies in 2018, there’s never been a better time to plan for a data-driven future.

 Are you ready to start your journey with the data authority?