NetApp’s corporate culture is a unique one with a 25 year history of embracing change, from its early start as a data storage company to the data-driven leader it has become today. Tom Mendoza, one of NetApp’s founders attributes the company’s success largely to the corporate culture they established long ago.

As he has said, “Our ability as a team to embrace change makes me proud. Many organizations flounder when they hit warp speed, or face monumental challenges. But our company culture where we’re committed to celebrating successes together and inspiring each other in the darkness, makes us not only strong, but resilient.”

It’s not only this resilient culture that has set NetApp apart from other tech companies. The company also nurtures its employees by supporting the causes that drive them through a volunteer time off program, and takes pride in their public sector team by offering benefits and assistance for veterans transitioning to civilian life.

This year, we had the opportunity to feature some of these exceptional stories on GovDataDownload. Read on to find out what they were.

Technology and Service Collide on Veterans Day

NetApp has always maintained a strong commitment to Veterans in many ways – from supporting career transition programs and backing organizations that help Veterans through financial assistance and other services, to employing a number of Veterans within the company. This past Veteran’s Day, we had the opportunity to acknowledge Dean Pilgrim, Senior Manager – Professional Services, U.S. Public Sector at NetApp on GovDataDownload. Dean started out his IT career in the US Air Force. You can read his full story here.


NetApp’s Volunteer Time Off Program Gives Fresh Perspective

Volunteer Time Off (VTO) programs are a unique benefit that only select companies offer today. With NetApp’s Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program, full-time employees can take up to five business days of time off, with full pay, per calendar year to volunteer with a nonprofit organization or school, to assist with disaster relief, or to participate in other community volunteer activities. This year, Mary Hayes, Sr. Healthcare Marketing Manager took the opportunity to use NetApp’s Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program to serve Mission Guatemala, a faith-based organization supported by her church. Read her story here.



NetApp Gives Back: Food for Others, Food for All

NetApp has always maintained a strong commitment to volunteerism, but has boosted their commitment to the communities where employees live and work as part of the company’s 25thanniversary year. This year, volunteer efforts were focused on a program called Food for All, helping to ensure that food banks are stocked in order to fight global hunger. Each office chose their own particular take on the Food for All program. Find out how the public sector team participated here.


NetApp Internship: Applying Theory to Practice

Another way NetApp sets themselves apart from other tech companies is through their annual internship program which provides as, intern Becky Chominski wrote “countless opportunities to connect with our mentors, peers, and managers in relaxed and enjoyable settings,” “Every single employee is so welcoming,” she said. “Even though I am ‘just an intern,’ employees stop and take time out of their busy day to have a conversation with me. Having friendly employees to work with creates an even better work experience than I could have ever imagined and I am truly grateful for it.” Read more about NetApp’s internship program and Becky’s experience here.