There’s no denying it, we’re living through a massive period of disruption and transformation. No person, organization, or even industry is immune from the impact of this period of disruption. And, yet, as noted in a recent IDC white paper on data-driven digital transformation (DX), “Data Thrivers can be found in every vertical.”

However, there are organizations – including many in the public sector – that are not just surviving the transformation but excelling in the new data-driven era. IDC reports that “not all digital transformation initiatives involve reinventing the business [and that] even small digital initiatives can have a remarkable impact.”

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But how and where do organizations start this transformative process?

The IDC study, conducted in conjunction with NetApp, identified five data-driven DX levels of maturity:

  1. Data Resisters: Data Resisters’ business and IT DX initiatives are disconnected, IT is poorly aligned with enterprise strateg, and data management is poor.
  2. Data Survivors: For Data Survivors, lines of business realize the need to develop a DX‑driven business strategy, but the execution is still on a project basis, and progress is not predictable or repeatable.
  3. Data Responders: For Data Responders, business and IT goals are aligned at the enterprise level around creation of new products and services, but not yet focused on the full disruption potential of the digital initiatives.
  4. Data Synergizers: Data Synergizers have implemented integrated line of business and IT management disciplines to deliver DX-enabled products and services on a continuous basis.
  5. Data Thrivers: Data Thrivers are aggressively using digital technologies to disrupt new markets. Ecosystem and lessons-learned feedback is a constant input to business innovation.

Where your organization falls on the scale from data resister to data thriver will affect the type of investments that need to be made in terms of people, process, and technology.  To fully realize the data-driven advantage organizations need to look at all aspects of their organization from staffing models to processes, and technology investments.

What’s the number one tech investment to make? A move to the cloud and, more specifically, a hybrid cloud environment is the ideal place to start the transformation. With a hybrid cloud and robust data management infrastructure in place, data-driven decision making moves from a pipe dream to a reality and provides a solid foundation for a public sector organization to thrive.

IDC estimates that up to 20% of public sector revenue is at risk if local, state, and federal agencies do not forge ahead on their journey to become data thrivers. By partnering with a company, like NetApp, that has not only been through its own data-driven transformation, but helped many organizations in the public and private sectors, the journey is shortened and the pain points diminished.

Are you ready to become a data thriver?

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