At the start of 2018, industry executives often take time to reflect on 2017 and begin to make predictions for the New Year.  This year is no exception.  Earlier on GovDataDownload, we featured 2018 Big Data predictions from NetApp’s CTO, Mark Bregman. This week, we are looking at 2018 cloud predictions.  Will this be a tipping point year for cloud? Below we’ve included 2018 predictions that the market is making:

Cloud Wars: The Year of the Customer:

Bob Evans, former Chief Communications Officer for Oracle and contributor to Forbes, recently wrote his predictions for cloud in 2018. He noted that, “If 2017 was the year enterprise-cloud vendors locked down their strategies and market positions, then 2018 will be all about how the true leaders in the Cloud Wars transcend the boundaries of the cloud and create stunning innovation in digital transformation, customer-centric marketing and the unleashing of AI.” What is driving this change? The customer.  Customers were initially intrigued by the promise of the cloud but today, they are building cloud models into their primary IT strategy. They are looking to IT vendors that can be true partners, who understand their business, and can offer cloud solutions that will offer agility, flexibility, and growth.

Public vs. Private: Hybrid Models End the Debate

CRN recently predicted that the long-held debate over public vs. private cloud models will come to an end. Why?  Storage vendors are listening to customers and making it easier to move data between private clouds and public clouds.  Recently on GovDataDownload, we featured the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) approach to cloud.  Walter Bigelow, division chief at ATF, and speaker at the 4th Annual NetApp and MeriTalk Cloud Connect conference, said his agency is moving steadily towards the cloud, now that there is more senior level buy-in. They’ve selected a unique hybrid model which gives them control of critical elements, while also being able to leverage the cost savings of open source and public cloud infrastructure.  Other agencies will likely follow a similar path, making 2018 a year for acceptance for hybrid storage clouds.

Cloud Continues to Enable Data Driven Innovations and IoT:

Cisco recently featured predictions from Maciej Kranz, VP of Strategic Innovation, who believes that IoT has finally reached a new phase of momentum, now that several traditional hurdles have been addressed. IoT applications are on the rise and are relying on technology sources from a wide range of vendors, according to Kranz. This development is forcing companies of all sizes to co-innovate and co-develop.  Mark Bregman, CTO at NetApp, says that there are significant implications for new architectures like edge, core, and cloud. “Rather than moving the data, the applications and resource needed to process it will be moved to the data. The amount of data ingested in the core will continuously become less than the amount generated at the edge.”

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