Public sector organizations hold vast quantities of today’s most valuable resource: data.  But how do they put that data to work in order to thrive in a world that demands it be used effectively? In a recent post, GovDataDownload shared insights from an IDC report on data transformation that outlined the five data-driven levels of maturity — from Data Resistor to Data Thriver – and offered guidance for organizations on their journey.

“Even small digital initiatives can have a remarkable impact” on the ability of an agency to deliver on the mission more effectively and efficiently, according to the IDC/NetApp report. In fact, public and private sector organizations can benefit from transforming their approach to digital technologies, particularly those that face mandates from the government to better secure data, capitalize on new technologies and consolidate data.

In a look at how law enforcement must approach data, NetApp’s Dave Ulepic shared that several law enforcement agencies have found unique ways to address these challenges by “choosing to control their data in a FedRAMP environment that leverages the compute resources of the cloud.” Because a public cloud isn’t an option for federal law enforcement, those agencies must approach digital transformation with both caution and an innovative mindset.

How can you be sure that your data management service provider will move your agency from Data Resistor to Data Thriver?

Here are the 10 things to look for in a partner to help you on your organization’s way to help your agency leverage data for mission success:

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