In a recent interview, Rob Stein, NetApp’s Vice President of Public Sector, talked with Brian Vecci, technical evangelist for Varonis, about the challenges facing public sector organizations and the data they must collect, maintain and protect.

Vecci pointed out that agencies, from state and local and education to defense to healthcare, all are facing the challenge of dealing with more data than ever before. “They have always had to protect their data, but they have never had the risk to data that they experience today, nor the volumes of data that they have today,” Vecci said.

Varonis customers, which include a range across several sectors, are “getting killed” with ransomware, so they are looking for new and better ways to keep up with cyber threats. Vecci points out that agencies also must be highly aware of internal threats to data as well. He says that Varonis counsels its clients to treat data like dollars, by helping agencies to turn on the lights to where they have the most data, who has access to it, who uses it and why..

“Then we can help agencies create a baseline of behavior around all their data sets, so they can tell when something is amiss,” Vecci said.

Regardless of the organization, they all are facing the same problems with data, and Vecci says a way to solve that is to reposition how they approach it and at what levels.

“The biggest change we will see for the future of public sector IT is around the management of data and approaching it as less of a technology ‘problem’ and more of a business ‘problem.’”

Watch the full interview here or below.