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Demand for Public Transportation Video Surveillance Increases as U.S. Breaks All Time Travel Records

Video Surveillance
Julie Fagan
Written by Julie Fagan
[Editor’s Note: As Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer season, the GovDataDownload team looks into record-breaking travel numbers from the 2018 summer season and why video surveillance solutions can help transportation agencies like the TSA with managing security lines and a high number of travelers. Expert, Julie Fagan, provides her insight in the post below.]

Video Surveillance

Earlier this year, Airlines for America (A4A) predicted that summer 2018 would set a new record for U.S. airline travel and A4A expects 2.36 million travelers during Labor Day weekend. In fact, this year’s July 4th holiday was the second-busiest day in the 17-year history of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

With more people travelling than ever before, the need for robust video surveillance systems in airports and on public transportation has never been greater. But securing an airport is no easy task. Large airports, with numerous passageways and corners, are among the world’s busiest facilities, with thousands of people moving quickly across terminals.

With their extreme focus on security, airports are a proving ground for today’s most sophisticated video technologies. To detect and prevent security incidents, airports are installing thousands of high-definition cameras for real-time monitoring and evidence.

Today’s video analytics software can detect unattended baggage, track individuals as they move through the airport, identify suspicious body language, and compare faces to a watch list database.

However, to take advantage of today’s cutting-edge video management systems and video analytics software, airports need to think differently about their approach to storage. As their video needs have grown, many airports now find themselves managing multiple siloed video systems running on legacy storage. To take advantage of the latest analytics software, they need to break down data silos and unify their data. For security departments that lack experience in enterprise storage, this can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are three things that every airport and transportation agency must look for in a storage solution for video surveillance:

  1. Easy deployment and support. Spend more time ensuring safety and less time managing data.
  2. Seamless scalability. Future-proof your infrastructure to handle improved image resolutions, greater camera density, and changing retention requirements.
  3. Total cost of ownership. Focus resources on innovations to improve security.


To read Julie’s full post, click here. To learn more about video surveillance solutions for transportation, click here.

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Julie Fagan

Julie Fagan

Julie Fagan is the Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at NetApp.