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Online Course: Department of Defense Modernizes IT Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud

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The Department of Defense has moved away from its outdated and disjointed IT systems to a hybrid cloud infrastructure (HCI) approach to create a modern, flexible and cost-effective infrastructure that supports mission-critical tasks, such as sharing intelligence data and protecting warfighters.

As we shared in a recent post about a GovLoop/NetApp report, Hybrid Cloud: The Gateway to More Modern IT Infrastructure in DoD, only a hybrid cloud infrastructure that builds on traditional hyperconverged design principles with additional capabilities that span clouds, allows for a true HCI experience.

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GovLoop Academy is now offering a free, online course that outlines the challenges the DoD faces, how an enterprise-scale hybrid cloud infrastructure helps – and how it can help other agencies – and how to implement a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

In just 10 minutes, federal agencies can learn more about how HCI offers multiple resources, including storage, computing power, and networking to connect applications and workloads. With a hybrid cloud infrastructure, IT organizations can transform their data center, drive operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and integrate cloud capabilities with their existing IT investments.

Federal agencies should look closely at this next-generation infrastructure as a way to modernize, simplify management of applications, and provide better access to data.

Enroll in this free GovLoop Academy online course here.

Access the full GovLoop / NetApp Hybrid Cloud: The Gateway to More Modern IT Infrastructure in DoD report here.

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