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State and Local Government Sees an Uptick in IT Spending; Cybersecurity Remains Top Focus

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IT spending for state and local governments is on the rise in 2019, with a focus on cybersecurity, cloud, and IT modernization of infrastructure. With nearly a $109 billion spend projected, state and local CIOs gathered at Beyond the Beltway in Washington D.C. to discuss top priorities for the year.

Representing a $3.25 trillion annual spend with over 19 million employees, the U.S. State and Local government is one of the largest consumers of IT with several opportunities that lay ahead.

According to research from the Center for Digital Government, the research arm at eRepublic, which hosts the Beyond the Beltway event, the growth in spending will be led by local government, specifically cities with a focus in the following areas:

  • $28b for Health and Human Services
  • $9.7b for Public Safety and Justice
  • $28b for Education
  • $9.1b for Utilities
  • $13b for Transportation and Infrastructure
  • $8b for Environment and Housing

Cybersecurity topped the priorities list for State, City, and County. Yet, localized spending for cities and counties focused more on retention and recruitment of IT staff and citizen engagement, while state priorities for 2019 focuses more on IT modernization and delivering shared services.

It’s not only the local CIOs that shared their perspectives with the Beyond the Beltway audience. Mayor Steve Benjamin shared his perspective and his focus on IT investments for infrastructure. Benjamin sees the importance of developing smart public-private partnerships that leverage technological innovation, data, and public policy. This combination allows taxpayers to see the benefits of improvements and ensures high quality results.

2019 brought on the emergence of a new group of Governors and newly appointed CIOs in the state and local public sector market. This will allow for new opportunities and innovative thinking, which will continue to impact investments into cloud services and IT modernization.

We look forward to watching how these IT investments continue to materialize and make significant improvements in the public sector market.

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